Monday, February 28, 2011

Disinfect with Dupray Tecnovap Steam Cleaning Technology

Dupray Industries, a provider of advanced cleaning systems including vapor steam cleaners, floor scrubbers and carpet cleaners, leads the way in easy to use commercial and industrial steam cleaners that are engineered to effectively remove stains and disinfect surfaces. The result is a cleaner, safer, and more effective cleaning process for industries that need to prioritize sanitation such as the hospitality, health care, and food industries.

Dupray carpet scrubbing machines are the result of technological advances for deep cleaning that is faster and more effective than traditional cleaning methods. Dupray steam machines produce steam with a temperature of over 155 degrees Celsius. The steam penetrates into the porous areas of surfaces, dissolving grease, oil, paint, rust, and other unwanted substances completely and easily. This sounds like a demanding process, but in reality the cleaners are as easy to use as a vacuum, requires as little as 1L of water per hour, and have a quiet electrical operation.

The high temperature of the steam instantly eliminates pathogens and unwanted microorganisms and disinfects some of the hardest areas to reach. Dupray steam machines have been put through numerous studies, notably one by the University of Verona in Italy, which demonstrated their extreme disinfecting capabilities. These studies have shown that exposure to steam results in the removal of up to 99.9% of bacteria, mold and pathogens that can trigger allergies, and have been shown to be effective in eliminating bacteria such as E.Coli, Clostridium, salmonella, listeria, and staphylococcus. In addition to eliminating the bacteria, it’s impossible for the bacteria to develop a resistance to the process.

Such deep, efficient cleaning power is invaluable to those in the health care, food, hospitality and residential cleaning industries. In addition, the small quantity of water used allows for the use of steam in water-sensitive areas where other cleaning methods are not allowed. Although the steam is tough on bacteria, dirt, and microorganisms, it is very gentle on surfaces.

Those in the hospitality or residential cleaning industries looking for a solution to bed bugs will find that Dupray steam cleaners safely and effectively control such menaces. Vapor steam cleaners that reach temperatures over 240 degrees Fahrenheit are said to instantly kill bed bugs and their eggs; Dupray Steam Cleaners produce temperatures of up to 378 degrees Fahrenheit, which is higher than the lethal temperature needed to kill bed bugs.

Some of Dupray’s steam equipment is engineered with a detergent chamber to allow the use of BIOVAP cleaning products for a more extensive cleaning process. Concerned about the environment? Dupray even offers a line of plant-based products that are ecological, biodegradable, and non-toxic.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dupray’s Efficient Tosca 100 Steam Cleaner Now Priced Under $1000

Dupray, a leading provider of steam cleaning solutions, is announcing that its Tosca Steam Cleaner is now priced under $1,000, making it the most powerful steam cleaner on the market sold at such a low price point.

Designed and built with the highest quality parts by Tecnovap® in Verona, Italy, the Tosca is a staggeringly high quality, technological piece of equipment, providing superior cleaning efficiency at a low price compared to other commercial quality steam cleaners on the market.

Among its technological achievements, the Tosca vapor steam cleaner produces a dry steam, which contains 5% humidity, and reaches 160ºC (320ºF), which is a steam temperature that surpasses that of any other affordable commercial steam cleaners on the market. At 5 bar, it reaches a powerful level of pressure.

The Tosca offers all of the abilities to achieve powerful cleaning results that characterize the Dupray line of steam cleaners, as well as provides the disinfection power of other Dupray steam cleaners thanks to its ability to emit high pressure, just on a smaller scale. Because of its abilities yet portability, this model is well-suited for use in residential or small commercial applications.

Its uses range from being an effective bed bug exterminator, as bedbugs will be killed at temperatures that the Tosca can attain. In addition, the Tosca will quickly and easily kill bedbug eggs that are known for being stubborn and difficult to remove with traditional cleaning methods.

In addition, with the Tosca, restore ceramic and tile floors with its ability to remove years worth of built up dirt in the grout, as well as clean porous ceramic surfaces. Steam cleaners are also effective disinfecting cleaners, which disinfect with only the power of the water steam emitted at high pressure and temperatures, and no added chemicals. Use the Tosca on carpets, walls, ceilings, kitchens, bathrooms, as auto detailers, restoring carpets and upholstery in cars to new, and many more cleaning applications.

The Tecnovap Tosca vapor cleaner is a small, portable machine. Weighing 26 lbs, it can be carried and transported relatively easily. This makes it an ideal model for use as an auto detailer and bedbug exterminator. It is made with the highest quality parts, including a stainless steel boiler, replaceable heating elements, a variable pressure knob, and it comes with the standard commercial cleaning accessory kit. This kit includes various tools and brushes to make steam cleaning tasks even easier. The quality parts on the machine have a 3 year warranty on the parts in the system and a lifetime warranty on the boiler.

The Tosca provides a green cleaning solution, as no added chemicals are needed during the cleaning process, providing a pure, clean result with only the use of water. Very little water is needed in the cleaning process, as only about 1L is needed per hour of cleaning with the Tosca. Using so little water for this cleaning process ultimately saves time and energy and is more environmentally friendly than traditional cleaning processes.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gum Removal Businesses Are Flourishing : New Entrepreneurs Are Getting Good Money Out Of Chewing Gum Removal Equipment by Dupray!

A growing number of special entrepreneurs have recently gotten a lot of media attention because of the brilliant idea they have put to work. Gum littering is one of the most important source of urban pollution and is certainly the hardest and most expensive one to get rid of. Americans chew between 4 and 5 billion gums per year and a fairly large percentage of these goes directly on the sidewalk. These ugly black spots are the curse of building and shop owners, who think somebody should come up with an idea to remove them. Traditional chewing gum cleaning involve using messy and inefficient pressure washers that can take as long as a minute per single piece of gum.

Montreal-based entrepreneur Sebastien Dupere found a way to dissolve chewing gum almost instantly using Dupray's high-pressure commercial steam cleaners. He named his gum removal company ''The Gum Removers'' and is now able to remove up to 700 pieces of gum per hour, using a high-quality commercial steam cleaner named ''Carmen Super Inox'', available at The Dupray steam vacuum cleaner works by injecting a powerful 330ºF steam jet with integrated ecological detergent, to dissolve the gum in a few seconds with minimal agitation. A wet-dry vacuum then suck the dissolved gum at the same time, leaving the surface like new!

This specialized gum removal equipment, part of the world-renowned Tecnovap line of steam cleaning machines, comes packed with dozens of unique cleaning tools allowing the operator to perform other difficult tasks like grout cleaning, stain removal, graffiti removal and upholstery cleaning.

''The market is huge and we keep expending. In a few months we got more than 150 000$ in contracts and the phone can't stop ringing! These gum removal machines are very reliable and are the only way to get rid of chewing gum litter.'' says Dupere, who bought more than 5 machines on

For more information about business opportunities, gum removal equipment or steam cleaners, please visit or contact Brent Gray at 1-800-881-8482

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nine Elements To Consider When Buying a Steam Cleaner

Ready to acquire a steam cleaner? This guide will present you 9 elements to consider before making your choice on a particular machine.

Steam Cleaners were invented in Italy, about 25 years ago, and are now available on the worldwide market. These equipments usually use high pressure saturated steam (with only 5 % water) and are used to clean and disinfect most surfaces.

Elements to consider:

1. The Boiler
The boiler is the most important part of a steam cleaner. You want to look at the capacity of the boiler. Dupray's steam cleaners have boilers that range from 1,5 L (Hill model) to 14 L (industrial models).

2. Automatic Refill
Good quality steam cleaners have 2 water compartments : a pressurized boiler and a tank to automatically refill the boiler without interrupting the machine. All of Dupray's Steam Cleaners work this way.

3. Replaceable Heating Elements
The best quality heating elements nowadays are produced by Tecnovap. They can give up to 28 W/cm2. These are the elements used in all steam cleaners offered by Dupray.

4. Integrated Vacuum
Some models are offered with integrated industrial grade vacuum, designed to collect residues.

5. Detergent Chamber
Offered only on a few commercial and industrial models a simple button allows the user to control the detergent flow.

6. Steam Temperature
The steam temperature output by the machine makes a BIG difference in the strength of the cleaning. Do never go for a machine that can't output at least 145 °C. Dupray's Steam Cleaners output temperature ranges from 155 °C to 180 °C.

7. Pressure
Another very important indicator of the quality of the machine is the pressure output. A minimum of 4 bars is necessary for a commercial machine to be effective. Again, Dupray Industries stands out by offering Steam Cleaners that have a pressure output ranging from 4 bars to 10 bars.

8. Quality of construction
Since the Steam Cleaners work at very high temperatures, the quality of the pieces and the assembly is of great importance. Dupray's stainless steel Steam Cleaners are made by hand, in Italy, with top quality materials.

9. Warranty
Distributor's warranty is very important. With Dupray Industries, you can rest assured. Dupray offers a lifetime warranty on the boilers and a 3 years warranty on the other parts of its Technovap Steam Cleaners. Nobody in the industry can beat this warranty.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you. If you need more information, please visit, or contact Brent Gray at 1-800-881-8482 or email

About Dupray :
Dupray Industries is the most important manufacturer, distributor and exporter of the world's best steam cleaners, carpet cleaners, steam carpet cleaners, floor scrubbers, gum removal equipment and escalator cleaners. Dupray also manufactures the environmentally friendly chemical line, BIOVAP, the most effective cleaning products for steam cleaning uses.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dupray Industries Presents the New Carmen Super Inox Gum Remover

Cleaning tile and grout surfaces is difficult due to the unique nature of these materials. Tile and grout floors are usually the first choice for high-traffic areas. However, since grout is porous, it quickly accumulates dirt, grime, gum, and stains. Moreover, it's usually crucial that these crowded places be clean for the passerby to enjoy, and for the prestige of the place. As we all know, the pain can quickly turn into a failure when the time comes to clean such surfaces.

The Carmen Super Inox Gum Remover by Dupray Industries has proven to be incredibly effective where other traditional methods failed.

With its 165°C steam temperature, and its 125°C detergent temperature, Dupray's Carmen Super Inox Gum Remover is among one of the top steam cleaners on the market today. High steam temperatures allows for quickly dissolving dirt and gum trapped deep within grout without damaging the surface. The softened residues can then be easily wiped away. As such, the cleaning results offered by steam cleaning equipment are exceptionally superior to the results of a brush and a mop.

For a limited time, the Carmen Super Inox Gum Remover is offered with the Radames 6 bar kit, including :

* Radames 6 Bar vacuum hose
* Lance
* Floor accessories
* Squeegee
* Squeegee/Brush
* Steam vac lance
* Brushes and tools
* Carpet cleaner (optional)
* Upholstery Brush (optional)

Dupray's Carmen Super Inox has been used by city officials all around the world to get the job done easily and quickly on sidewalks, bus stops, public places, airports pedestrian areas, etc.

Quality steam cleaners designed for a host of cleaning operations are available at

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dupray's Steam Box Industria packs 22,000 Watts of Cleaning Power

Dupray Industries, North America's best supplier of industrial and commercial vapor steam cleaners, shipped in January the new ultra-powerful Steam Box Industrial line in Canada and USA. The Steam Box Industrial was engineered for the roughest industrial steam application. It generates very high steam pressure levels, temperatures up to 360ºF, and the highest wattage in any other steam cleaner brand. This wattage result in non-stop cleaning power with the highest steam production on the market!

Dupray 's Steam Box Industrial, an easily movable unit, has the ability to produce more than 20 times more steam in terms of density than portable commercial steam cleaners. The steam system produce pressure levels as high as 150 psi and temperatures as high as 360º F.

Clean and disinfect any surface with super dense saturated steam!

These monster steam cleaners are designed to clean floors, equipment, Teflon pieces, conveyor belts and more! They use 14-liter high quality stainless steel boilers, 20-liter refill chambers and 20-liter detergent tanks to incorporate chemicals in the steam. Ready to use in less than 10 minutes, they will revolutionize the way you clean industrial machinery! Dupray offers an exclusive life-time warranty on boilers and the best after sale service in the industry!

For more information about Industrial steam cleaners, questions or requests for additional information, please contact Brent Gray at 1-800-881-8482 or email

About Dupray :
Dupray Industries is the most important manufacturer, distributor and exporter of the world's best steam cleaners, carpet cleaners, steam carpet cleaners, floor scrubbers, gum removal equipment and escalator cleaners. Dupray also manufactures the environmentally friendly chemical line, BIOVAP, the most effective cleaning products for steam cleaning uses.

Dupray Multiplo - Carpet Cleaner and Floor Scrubber

Dupray is proud to offer you the Dupray Multiplo, the only floor scrubber and carpet cleaner that is able to operate on any flooring surface in one pass.

The Dupray Multiplo is a powerful carpet cleaner for high traffic areas, restoring carpets to their original luster. The Dupray Multiplo does this by integrating low water injection with 2 counter rotating brushes at the speed of 650RPM. The brush action removed the dirt in both directions of the fiber and collects it in the central waste tank. All of this action is self contained in 3 removable tanks that can be filled and emptied in any sink. The two major benefits to carpet cleaning is the speed of operation (saving you time and money) and the fact that the under-mat is not wet during cleaning drastically reducing the drying time.

The Dupray Multiplo is also an outstanding floor scrubber, it is the ultimate solution to uneven ceramics and stones as it deep cleans all of the small pores. It is the ONLY viable solution to these tiles. As the Multiplo passes cleaning the tiles and flooring it also cleans and maintains the grout. Unlike traditional floor cleaners and mops that leave the dirty water in the lowest part of the surface (the Grout and Pores) the Multiplo brushes and collects it into the waste tank, thus actually removing all of the dirt.

With routine use of the Dupray Multiplo your carpets will always be at their finest, your tiles as clean as the first day they were laid and your grout impeccable.

Call Dupray at 1.800.881.8482 to discover all the ways the Multiplo can help save you time and money while improving your corporate image!